What Is Commercial Carpet in 2018?

If you’re in the market for high-quality carpet, you’re going to want to look at commercial-grade carpet. What is commercial carpet? It’s a term used to describe high-grade carpet rolls and squares. Competitive Commercial Carpet knows what commercial carpet is!

Competitive Commercial Carpet is a company devoted to securing overruns, specials, and discontinued styles of carpet directly from the mills. By selling this carpet for the mills at a largely discounted price they are able to free up their inventory and reinvest in new styles. CCC an online carpet company can pass those savings on to you!

Tips for Buying Commercial Carpeting

We are here to help with all your commercial carpeting needs. We are happy to send carpet samples so you can see the actual carpeting style and color for your commercial carpeting project. Feel free to begin browsing our huge Commercial Carpet inventory and simply select “Send Samples/Quote”; within a couple days you will be holding actual carpet samples to complete your commercial carpeting project.

There Are Many Types Of Commercial Carpet

If you do opt for commercial-grade carpet, you’ll have no shortage of options. This type of carpet comes in many styles, including broadloom carpet, cushion-back carpet tile, and solution-dyed carpet. You’ll be able to look at many different types of carpet so that you can pick out something that’s just right for you.

It’s Designed To Be Durable

Carpet can wear down over time, especially if that carpet is in a location that gets a lot of foot traffic. That’s why it’s important to invest in a type of carpet that is extremely resilient. If you pick commercial carpeting, you’ll be able to count on your carpets to last for a very long time.

It’s More Affordable Than You Might Think – Discount Commercial Carpet

Some people focus on getting a low price when they shop for carpeting. It’s true that some commercial carpeting is prohibitively expensive. However, since you’ll have a lot of different options, you’ll also be able to find some carpeting that’s on the cheaper side.

You shouldn’t assume that top-grade carpeting is beyond your budget. There’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to find some options that you can afford. Why not look at carpeting and see what it might cost you? You might find some impressive deals.

Why is Competitive Commercial Carpet so much less than other avenues of purchasing carpet?

Competitive Commercial Carpet can offer first run quality carpet at 50-70% off of regular prices for a variety of reasons. First off, we don’t have the overhead that most stores do. We do not have a store on Main Street; instead we have a warehouse off the beaten path in Upstate New York. Our rent is therefore much, much cheaper.

Secondly, we buy truck loads of overruns, excess inventories and discontinued styles. All of these carpets are first run quality and are being sold at 50-70% off by the mills because they either have too much inventory or want to sell carpet styles quickly.

Call us for more information about our company, we can help meet your commercial carpeting needs!   We can help you with commercial carpet tiles and commercial carpet squares as well.

Competitive Commercial Carpet – (706) 526-4800

We are happy to answer any questions & send any commercial carpet samples, We recommend a minimum of 12 Samples – Please call us at 1-706-526-4800. Competitive Commercial Carpet is located in Dalton, GA.


To request a sample Browse through the Products by Category, click on the desired pattern or no pattern carpet, click on the “# colors available” Click on the Green “Send Samples/Quote” button to select the desired sample. Look to the left and you will see the sample added in the Sample Requests Cart.