Hospitality Carpet for Hotels

At Competitive Commercial Carpet, we offer durability plus style while boosting your business’s curb appeal and overall ambiance. To ensure you get the most for your money, we partner with multiple manufacturers to fit your every need. Our hospitality carpet is easy to maintain and perfect for high-traffic areas.

Steps Necessary For Selecting Commercial Carpets For Hotels

Choosing the best commercial carpets for hotels is more than just about color and design.   You’ve been tasked with the decision of selecting the best commercial carpeting for a facility, and you want to be sure that you make a well-informed decision. Here are some important factors that you should be considering.

The first factor is suitability. Each commercial space is different, and all things considered, you want to be sure that the carpeting you choose is suitable for a particular area. You want to pay attention to fire ratings, and there are special considerations to make, too. For example, what about wet areas, high-traffic areas, weather and any areas that will be exposed to chemicals?

All that said, you want to know that you’ve chosen a carpet that is durable enough for the space in question. The density of the carpet has everything to do with its durability. In general, commercial carpeting is dense, but there are variations. You also want to think about the color, pattern and heathering at this point. And when it comes to density, you’re going to want to closely examine the specs.

Look at the density and the weight density. What are the numbers. Also, when looking at the specs, you’re going to find out a whole lot more information about a particular type of carpeting. For example, you will see the pile height, weight and thickness. You will also see the material used for the primary and secondary backing. There’s a whole lot more to discover on that list of specs.

You’re also going to want to make note of the warranty. There are expectations in place for how long you want this commercial carpeting to last. Therefore, what is the warranty on the various styles of carpeting you’re browsing? One example of what you might find is a ten year quality assurance warranty.

Furthermore, pile density has everything to do with the traffic a particular area receives. If you’re outfitting a large commercial space with carpeting, it could be that you end up making two different choices. As an example of what the numbers mean when it comes to pile density, 4000 to 5000 would represent carpeting good for an area that receives moderate traffic. Super heavy traffic would require a carpeting with a pile density 7000 and higher.

Now let’s talk about colors and heathering.When choosing commercial carpets for hotels, let’s just say that you might want to go with heathered colors. In general, heathered colors are supposed to be more practical for commercial spaces. There are also certain colors in general that are considered practical, while others are considered impractical.

Naturally, you want attractive looking carpeting, and you are also going to have to consider cost and maintenance. Are you ready to choose that hospitality carpeting that is going to outfit your space. Carefully consider all of your options, and then you can choose the carpeting that you want to have installed.

Why is Competitive Commercial Carpet so much less than other avenues of purchasing carpet?

Competitive Commercial Carpet can offer first run quality carpet at 50-70% off of regular prices for a variety of reasons. First off, we don’t have the overhead that most stores do. We do not have a store on Main Street; instead we have a warehouse off the beaten path in Upstate New York. Our rent is therefore much, much cheaper.

Secondly, we buy truck loads of overruns, excess inventories and discontinued styles. All of these carpets are first run quality and are being sold at 50-70% off by the mills because they either have too much inventory or want to sell carpet styles quickly.

Call us for more information about our company, we can help meet your commercial carpeting needs!   We can help you with commercial carpet tiles and commercial carpet squares as well.

Let our Competitive Commercial Carpet team help you find the perfect carpet for your hotel. Your hotel will stand out and your customers will enjoy the results.

We are happy to answer any questions & send any commercial carpet samples, We recommend a minimum of 12 Samples – Please call us at 1-706-526-4800. Competitive Commercial Carpet is located in Dalton, GA.
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