Learn About Our Commercial Carpet Warranty

Know Your Carpet: Commercial Carpet Warranty and Care Tips

Thinking about buying carpet? Use this simple guide to find the best carpet for you. Because we secure overruns, specials, and discontinued styles directly from the manufacturer’s mills, you’ll save money but still receive quality when you buy from us. Read below for tips on choosing carpet and information on our commercial carpet warranty.


Learn How to Choose Your Carpet


Need a durable carpet that stands up to wear and tear? Choose nylon yarn carpet; it wears impressively even in high-traffic areas. Additionally, it retains its color, texture, and quality. We’re so confident about this carpet that we offer a 10-year warranty during purchase.


If you’d rather have a softer carpet, choose olefin yarn. It wears down in under 10 years, but it will feel very soft and comfortable on bare feet. This polypropylene carpet won’t fade either-the dying process makes the fiber colorfast so it stays bright and vibrant even if the fibers wear down.

We buy carpets from several mills that feature multiple carpet constructions-so, no matter what your budget is, we have a solution for you. Simply tell us your needs and we’ll help you choose a carpet.


Understand How Carpet Dyes Work

Solution Dying

Need a dye that stands up to stains because the dye adheres to ever fiber? Solution dying gives you that kind of reliability. The polymer that adheres to the carpet is blended directly with the dye, which gives the carpet an especially durable, vibrant color. 

Yarn Dying

For carpets that use this method, the dye doesn’t meet the polymer until the manufacturer has put the polymer onto the carpet fibers. Because the dye doesn’t reach the center of the carpet, use special care when removing dirt and stains. Excessive cleaning may lead to fading.


Find a Reputable Installer

Take a look at the list of installers on our website. If you choose your own, remember to ensure that they are properly certified. The installers we recommend are highly certified and can offer discounted services if you go directly to them instead of through a retailer. You’ll save $2-$3 per yard of carpet installed.


Decide on a Good Unloading Option

We’ll use freight shipping to get your carpet to your exact location, but once there you may have to get it inside the house.

Our carpets are heavy-you’ll need two or three strong bodies to lift them. If you don’t have access to that much help, plan to rent (or buy) a dolly or cart. Don’t try to lift heavy carpeting by yourself.


Read About Our Warranties

Depending on the manufacturer, your commercial carpet warranty may extend to its appearance:

  • Staining
  • Premature wearing
  • Unraveling at the edges
  • Running (or tufts pulling out along the length of the carpet)
  • Delaminating (carpet fibers separating from the backing)

Ask us about your commercial carpet warranty before purchasing. We’ll help you find a manufacturer whose warranty fits your needs.


Keep Your Carpet Once You Buy

Since our carpets come to us from discontinued style lots or excess inventories, we can’t accept returns unless your carpet has a manufacturing defect. Inspect your carpet before installation-once you’ve installed it, it cannot be returned.

If you have further questions about carpets or any commercial carpet warranty, give us a call at 706-526-4800 today.