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Pick a style and Color

Pick a style and Color

From The links above, choose a link that is most appropriate for you needs. For example, restaurants or motels would most likely find the best choices of carpet in the Hospitality link. Next, choose samples in the styles and colors that you like and that are within your budget. The prices are shown for each style. Be aware that the colors are often not totally accurate. Choose similar colors in the same style to get the best results. When you are finished selecting samples check out from the shopping basket. You will receive a confirmation email after checking out. Please call us anytime if you need help.

Call for Help 706-526-4800

Call for Help 706-526-4800

Your project is very important and we can help. We can help you choose the right type of carpet for your project in the right price range. A lot depends on the traffic patterns in your facility. The type of fiber or backing or the correct weight of the carpet is important in making a decision of this nature. Should I use carpet tile or roll carpet? These types of questions are important and the answers will lead to a good decision. We can help determine the best choice at the best price for your project. We love to talk carpet. Please call today.

When Competitive Shopping

When Competitive Shopping

When competitive pricing there is a lot to consider and price alone is not enough. To get the best price for equivalent carpeting be sure to compare ounce weight, fiber type, backing quality, dye method and warranty. Call us at 706-526-4800 for more information. We would love to help with this process.

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We offer a wide selection of commercial carpet styles at discounted prices. We are happy to answer any questions & send any commercial carpet samples, We recommend a minimum of 12 Samples – Please call us at 1-706-526-4800. Competitive Commercial Carpet is located in Dalton, GA.


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Carpet Dye Methods: Which is Best?

For the average buyer, how carpet is dyed is of little concern. They will pick a pile that they like in a color that appeals to them and not sweat the details. When buying commercial carpet, it is necessary to pay a little closer attention. The dyeing method used in...