Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions in regards to our commercial carpet offerings, durability, warranties, etc.

What ounce weight should I choose?

To determine ounce weight, firstly we need to understand how you use the facility and the amount of traffic you have on a daily basis. The Mills are going down in ounce weight to avoid matting. For offices the Mills are recommending between 20 and 28 ounces per square yard. But, for Hospitality, the mills are recommending between 28 and 36 ounces.

What is solution dyed yarn?

Solution dyed yarn is where they incorporate the die into the yarn. Specifically the example I often use is similar to a radish and a carrot. If you have a stain on a radish and clean it off aggressively you end up with a white carpet. With solution dyed carpet it’s like a carrot you can clean it aggressively and you still have the original color. Thus, solution dyed yarn to the best yard for a stain free carpet.

What makes a carpet durable?

The backing. Remember carpet is a textile and the biggest problem with a textile is it will unravel. What can move that a decade or two away is the backing. There are many types and levels of backings that will keep the stiches in place for decades.

Can I use commercial carpet in my house?

Yes, you can but be aware the commercial carpet is not plush and does not have the comfort of
residential carpet. Commercial carpet is stitched tighter with a higher density to perform better in high
traffic environment.

What is Polypropylene yarn?

Polypropylene is a petroleum Product. Polypropylene yarn has a crystalline structure which does not
absorb moisture making it water proof. Polypropylene fibers are slightly softer than some of the other
man made fibers. Therefore, it is important to put polypropylene in the correct environment.

What is nylon yard?

Nylon is a synthetic fiber for commercial carpets with high abrasion characteristics. Because nylon has such high wear resistant capabilities it’s placed in airports, colleges etc. The wear warranties for Nylon are usually 10 years or more.

How long will my commercial carpet last?

That depends solely on your traffic, but 10 years is a good rule of thumb.

How do I select the right carpet for my situation?

There are a lot factors to consider, consult with your carpet professional with your particular situation.
There is a is a short cut that help and that is understand the warranties. The more broad and inclusive
the warranties are the better the carpet is constructed to durable over the years.

In a high traffic area what warranties do I need?

In a high traffic area the main warranty you need is a unraveling warranty.

How long are the warranties?

Typically they are 10 years sometimes they come with a lifetime warranty but there are many restrictions.