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Competitive Commercial Carpet is a company devoted to securing overruns, specials, and discontinued styles of carpet directly from the mills. By selling this carpet for the mills at a largely discounted price they are able to free up their inventory and reinvest in new styles. CCC can now pass those savings on to you! By using CCC for any of your carpet needs you will receive first run quality carpet at 70-80% off.

To help us handle an unusually large and constantly changing inventory we post a lot of styles and colors and just update the inventory on a regular bases. Choose one to three styles that you like then check the pull down menu called Inventory to see what amounts and colors are available. Having a second and maybe a third choice is a good idea considering the inventory is constantly moving. Once you determine the amount of yardage you need, then enter it into the ‘search by yards’ field and the system will bring up all the styles with that amount of yardage.