For the average buyer, how carpet is dyed is of little concern. They will pick a pile that they like in a color that appeals to them and not sweat the details. When buying commercial carpet, it is necessary to pay a little closer attention. The dyeing method used in the production of carpet will affect not only its price but appearance and longevity as well.

While it is not necessary to gain full knowledge of stock dyeing, space dyeing, yarn dyeing, or skein dyeing, a general understanding of the most common, pre and post tufted, dyeing methods can be beneficial.

Post Dyed

All carpet that is colored after it has been tufted into a blanket is considered post dyed. The three most common methods used are Jet Beck, Kuster, and Atmospheric or Beck dyeing.

Beck Dyeing

When the Beck dyeing method is used, the carpet is placed in a large vat of hot dye and cooked for several hours. This method assures even distribution of the color and helps eliminate side-match issues. Carpets produced with this method usually are slightly higher priced than other post-dyed carpets but it provides a superior appearance and longer wear life.

Jet Beck

JET Beck is the most commonly used method of dyeing commercial carpets. It involves placing the tufted blanket in a vat of dyeing solution under high pressure. The pressure forces the color into fibers much more quickly than the standard Beck process, thus the Jet name.

Kuster Dyeing

Kuster Dyeing involves running the carpet along a conveyor belt under a series of computer-controlled spray nozzles. While quicker and more economical than other methods of dyeing carpet, it must be carefully monitored to avoid color drift, which can make seamless installation impossible


The finale carpet dyeing method is the solution or yarn dyeing method. Used almost exclusively for high-end commercial carpets, it involves dyeing the fibers before they are spun into yarn for tufting. This dyeing method makes it possible to produce multi-colored patterns that are resistant to fading and bleaching.

Which Carpet Dyeing Method is Best?

Instead of asking which is best, it would be better to ask which is most appropriate for your needs. Yarn-dyed carpet offers superior fade and wear resistance but is generally higher priced.

For an interior office space that will receive little sunlight or traffic, its benefits could be wasted. In a high traffic atrium, the added expense it requires would be a worthwhile investment.

Kuster dyed carpets are the most economical to buy but simply don’t provide a clean appearance or service life the other methods provide. Beck and Jet Beck dyed carpets fall somewhere in the middle and can vary significantly from one manufacturer to another. The best way to be sure you get the most bang for your buck, and the most suitable for your needs, is to consult the carpet professionals at Competitive Commercial Carpet in Dalton, GA. Where you’ll find first-quality commercial carpet at bargain prices every day.