You may have many talents but laying down carpet may not be one of them. You are thinking about replacing that old carpet with something more modern and something more to your liking. You want to make sure that everything gets done properly so that you are happy with the finished result. There are 5 simple steps that you need to take in order to ensure happiness with your new carpet.


Step One: Choose Your Carpet

This is an important decision that you need to make. Do you have high traffic areas; do you have pets and small children? Some fibers may not be good for your situation. When you choose a place to not only purchase your carpet from you want to have them install the carpet as well. You should make sure that you have enough time set aside when you visit the carpet place. You will need a good 30 minutes or more to take a look at all of the different fibers, styles and colors that are being offered. You want to ask questions about durability, Scotch Guarding, price and warranty. Once you have chosen a carpet that you are happy with, it is time for Step 2.


Step Two: Schedule a Home Measurement Appointment

This should be included in the price of the carpet so you do not have to pay extra. Even if it is not, it is well worth the extra dollars to have someone come out and do a proper measurement. You may think how hard is it to measure from wall to wall, but even if you are off the slightest bit, your installation is not going to come out nice. Have a professional come in and do a professional measuring, it is well worth it.


Step Three: Read Over Contract and Schedule Install

Once the measurements are made and the colors, fiber and style have been chosen, you can go over the contract with the installer. Read it carefully and make sure that it has everything you need included. Confirm schedule times and payment arrangements. It is never a good idea to pay everything up front, since you want to ensure that the carpet is installed properly. Work something out that both parties can agree upon. Then you can start with the process of installation.


Step Four: Watch and Relax

If you are comfortable with the company you have chosen to install the carpets in your home, then you should feel at ease when they come and install them. You don’t need to look over their shoulder but a check in every now and then would be acceptable.


Step Five: Always Review the Job

Companies do not feel insulted if you decide to have a walk through with them. You should always insist on it, especially if you have not made that last payment. Always check the work that is done and make sure that you ask any questions that you may have and if you see anything that you do not like them make sure that you tell them while they are still there. Once you are happy with the job you can make your last payment and enjoy your new commercial carpet.