The first impression of your store or office space makes a big difference in how potential clients perceive your business. That includes the appearance of your floors, and clean, well-kept carpet can help boost this appeal.

Wall-to-wall broadloom carpeting is still the most popular for many businesses. Part of this is because of the higher pile size available, which helps with noise dampening and provides more comfort on the feet when walking. Another reason that carpet rolls, or wall-to-wall carpet, is popular is due to the padding that lies beneath, which can even out small problems in your substrate. Broadloom also comes in a variety of styles. Broadloom carpet rolls are generally cheaper overall to install, but for a room with unusual dimensions, the waste to fit the dimensions may offset the savings.

Carpet tiles are merely that: squares of carpet that are installed directly to the substrate. One of the advantages of carpet tiles is that if there is a stain or other damage, replacing the tile can be cheaper than replacing an entire swatch of broadloom. Carpet tile may also give more flexibility with the overall flooring design of commercial space, including checkerboard or stripes. However, more intricate designs are limited with carpet tile, as the overall comfort of tile carpet is less than broadloom.

Whichever style of carpet you decide on, you know you can depend on quality installation from Competitive Commercial Carpet, as we use only the highest quality products straight from the mills, and so offer competitive pricing.

The professional team at CCC can survey your commercial space and make the right recommendation for your overall aesthetics and budget. The experts at Competitive Commercial Carpet can guide you to the right floor covering for every room in the home. Give us a call or visit us online for fantastic carpet on any budget.


Carpet Rolls Versus Carpet Tile