When you decide to replace that old carpet with a new one, there are some things that go into the decision regarding what kind of carpet you should buy. Of course you want to choose a style of carpet that will work best in your home or office. Do you need a durable carpet for high traffic areas; do you have pets or children? Another factor that goes into deciding what kind of commercial carpet that you want would be what kind of fiber. There are plenty to choose from, you have Nylon, Polypropylene, Cotton and Polyester to name a few.  You should understand that carpet pile fibers have considerable impact on the performance of the carpet itself. You should always ask about cleaning and care procedures to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.   Nylon Approximately 65% of the carpets being sold in the United Stares alone are made with Nylon. Nylon is extremely durable and has an excellent reputation for being a great carpet in high traffic areas. Some of the properties that Nylon carpet holds are the ability to have a good resilience, good yarn memory and a stain resistant material. There are two different styles of Nylon the BCF and the Staple Fiber. Nylon is the strongest fiber and it is perfect for applications with heavy duty traffic. If you are using it on residential or commercial a great feature of the Nylon is that it is mold and mildew resistant. It does have a tendency to attract static.   Polypropylene You may recognize Polypropylene by another name Olefin, this material is considered to be the fastest growing fiber being used today. This material is very inexpensive and often a good choice for businesses and homes that are trying to save money. Olefin makes up approximately 30% of the fiber in all carpets that are made today. There are some good features that are associated with olefin carpets including a higher than normal stain resistant coating and it is very effective against fading. Polypropylene is a fiber that cleans very easily plus it is very resistant to mold and mildew. You should make sure that the Polypropylene carpet that you are getting is high quality.   Cotton Cotton carpets are rarely used in the United States but they do exist. You will often find Cotton Carpets in the area rugs. Cotton as we all know is a very soft fiber. It looks great but it is not stain resistant and it doesn’t have matting properties. If you were to spill something on the carpet then you may use something with alkaline but the Cotton Carpet may brown when using cleaners not made for Cotton carpets.   Polyester Polyester has some of the most vibrant colors available in carpets today. They are also more effective against color fade resistant than other fibers and they are very stain resistant too. Like Polypropylene, there are some not so popular properties about Polyester that you should know. Polyester is susceptible to crushing and the carpets tend to look flat when you have a house or business that has a high volume of traffic. Polyester is not as strong as Nylon but it looks great and can last a long time if you take proper care of it.