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6 Benefits of Installing Commercial Carpet Tile

Are you looking for the best commercial flooring for your office? Well, installing commercial carpet tiles can be quite beneficial for any office space or business. They are basically squares of carpets that fit together. Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing commercial carpet tiles today.

1. Easy To Install ::Hiring professional carpet installers can be quite expensive especially for a commercial space. However, since carpet tiles are easy to install, you can do it on your own and turn it into a DIY project. It’s easy enough to install even in an afternoon without disrupting the office work.

2. Stylish ::It would be sad if your office looked drab. There would be less productivity and your clients would not be interested. However, there is always something about being stylish that immediately improves the office environment and you can achieve that effectively with carpet tiles. They come in different patterns and styles and can be installed in every inch of the office for the best results.

3. Cheap ::Certainly, you don’t want to break the bank when installing carpet tiles in your office. You need a considerable amount where you don’t spend too much but can invest in worthwhile flooring and that’s what carpet tiles can bring for you. For instance, if you choose to install the carpet tiles on your own, you don’t have to hire professional installers so you will save a lot of money on that part.

4. Easy Maintenance:: They are easy to maintain compared to other flooring options and can also be easily replaced at any time. On the other hand, they also last much longer. If there is a stain in a particular area, you can remove the carpet tile and replace it without any hassle. Therefore, they last much longer compared to any other carpeting options. They are also easy to clean because with a simple vacuum you can remove any dirt or debris thus leaving your office looking clean all through. Even better, you don’t need to clean them all the time but once in a week or a day depending on the foot traffic in the office space.

5. Durable ::Carpet tiles are woven very tight thus they can withstand heavy commercial traffic effortlessly. In any office, there will be clients, employees and other people walking through at any given time of the day or night. Therefore, it would be expensive replacing the flooring option every instance. However, with carpet tiles, their durability always proves to be advantageous in any commercial space.

6. Health Advantages ::Most carpet tiles are low pile thus they are useful for areas where people have allergies. They generally improve the indoor air quality. They are flat and attract less dirt. Therefore, in an office environment where people have a lot of health issues, the carpet tiles prove to be very useful.

In conclusion, carpet tiles have proven to be the most resilient and durable flooring option for any commercial space. Therefore, you should consider installing them in your commercial space to enjoy the benefits outlined above and many more.

Commercial Carpet Squares are the Answer to Your Commercial Carpet Needs

When traditional carpet is stained or worn down, you need to replace the carpet in the entire room. This can be costly. However, using carpet tiles means that installation and any replacement is easy and fast. Got a stain? Replace just the stained tile. Worn out at the entrance? Replace just the worn tiles. You can even install and replace tiles yourself-saving your business tons of money.

Commercial Carpet tiles come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures so you’re sure to find something to match your business décor.

Why is Competitive Commercial Carpet so much less than other avenues of purchasing carpet?

Competitive Commercial Carpet can offer first run quality carpet at 50-70% off of regular prices for a variety of reasons. First off, we don’t have the overhead that most stores do. We do not have a store on Main Street; instead we have a warehouse off the beaten path in Upstate New York. Our rent is therefore much, much cheaper.

Secondly, we buy truck loads of overruns, excess inventories and discontinued styles. All of these carpets are first run quality and are being sold at 50-70% off by the mills because they either have too much inventory or want to sell carpet styles quickly.

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