Carpets require extra support to prevent wear and tear due to heavy footfall. You are probably unaware of action-backed carpets. Generally, the concept is ignored when you get a carpet for your home. But when you visit any home décor website, you come across the term action-backed carpet.

The first question you may be asking yourself is what action backing is? In this blog, you will get the answers to every confusion related to this term. Action backing is a fabric type, which is made with woven synthetic jute. It helps extend the life of your carpet. Not only that, but it is also superior in sound insulation.

This type of backing is an ideal requirement of the rugs, improving their durability to cover your flooring. So, if you want a carpet for the area with high footfall, you need your rug to be supported with action backing.

Do You Need It?

Another question that might pop into your mind is, “Do I need it?” As a homeowner, you surely invest your money, energy, and soul to give your house an attractive look. You want everything to be perfect and eye-catching, don’t you?

Be it your bedroom or living room; you want high-quality things. And carpet on the floor is no exception. This is why you must know every little concept to prolong its life.

Don’t Let The Salesperson Make Up Your Mind!

A salesperson makes a commission every time s/he sales the product. So, it’s not the best practice to be convinced by their sugar talks and buy any alternative of action backing carpet. The salesperson may tell you that the alternatives are long-lasting. But you must be aware of the premium quality of carpets made of synthetic jute.

So, keep reading to learn more about the backing rugs and how they can match your requirements and suit your house. The information shared ahead will help you compare action backing carpets with other alternatives. So, let’s go-ahead to the straight point.

Action Backing

Action backing is an essential element of high-quality rugs. You may see a sewn protective underlay in the fabric of action backing, which is made with synthetic jute.

Did you know that synthetic jute was considered a trademark for high-quality carpets back in the old days? Most carpet dealers emphasize action backing, or underlay, as the crucial elements of durable or long-lasting carpets.

Primarily, action backing provides structural stability to the rugs made with woven. Various other materials can perform the same job, but synthetic jute is considered the most reliable product for this job. Such reputation proves that why carpets with backing are well-known for high quality and durability.


You might have noticed the carpets with too many pilings. It mostly happens when the carpet lacks backing, and consequently, the fiber of the rug becomes too unruly. When it happens, it’s advisable to replace the carpets with a sturdier rub, and that’s how action backing makes its place.

Who wants to see the shedding of carpet fibers? Obviously, no one wants it! Therefore, carpets with backing become the need of the hour. Such backing carpets remain in good condition for the long run due to their improved durability.

The best thing about such carpets is that despite sturdiness, you will feel the softness. So, when you step barefoot on the carpet, you’ll surely get a pleasing experience.

Get a Soundproof Rug

Carpets become pleasant not only because they seem comfortable to feet but also because they feel relaxing to the ears. Yes, you guessed right! A stunning carpet can frustrate your mood when it’s not pleasant to your ears.

Keep in mind; if you want a carpet that gives you an amazing experience, then you must not choose the ones that announce your presence as you step over it. Why should it make noise? Ideally, the rugs should be able to minimize the noise.

You spend a good amount of money to get a carpet; you probably want to enjoy it, don’t you? That’s why an action backing carpet made with synthetic jute improves sound absorption and gives you an amazing experience.

Stepping over noisy carpets is awkward. So, if you are a person who wants peace and a relaxing atmosphere at your home, consider getting an action-backed carpet for your home, which will absorb the unwanted sound and will give you a pleasing experience.

Professional Installation

An action backing carpet needs a professional installation process. You need to be careful when placing it on the floor. Therefore, you must ensure proper preparations and inspection before the installation.

Why be careful? Your carelessness can cause a shorter life span of the carpet. Contamination in the subfloor is a threat to the carpet’s durability. Simply put, lack of preparation and nonprofessional installation can lead to low performance of the carpet.

Three Different Ways of Installation

There are three different ways to install an action backing carpet on the floor.

  1. Installation with a release adhesive.
  2. With a dispersion adhesive.
  3. Stretched over underlay and gripper.

If you want to install the carpet in residential homes, installation can happen with release adhesive. This process gives rare damage to the floor, and the carpet can be removed easily.

In case you want to stick down the carpet with the floor, installation with a dispersion adhesive is the best option. However, for the third technique, you need to stretch the rug on the underlay using grippers.

Final Thoughts

Next time, when you get a rug for your home, make sure it has an action baking. An action carpet with synthetic jute can make it more comfortable and durable. The type of rug can improve the carpet’s sturdiness. It can tolerate heavy footfall. Additionally, the rug will absorb the noise and give you a soothing experience.