If you are one of those people who are going Green, you should know that there are companies out there that are going Green with carpets and flooring. According to the Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA, there are up to 5 times more pollutants indoors than there are outdoors. One major offender is your carpet. Did you know that with your commercial carpet, it could contribute to hundreds of pollutants in the air you are breathing in?

The reason is that carpets are treated with chemicals for moth proofing, stain proofing and color dying. Plus, when you walk onto a carpet with shoes on you are bringing in toxic chemicals from grass and other pollutants from the outside. A great way to add better air quality in your home is to go green with your carpet. You may be thinking that eco friendly carpet may be ugly and coarse but you may be surprised at the results. There are plenty of durable and modern carpets that would look wonderful for your home.

Green carpets are actually faster and less expensive to own. There are non-toxic carpets out there that can greatly increase the air quality in your home. If you have someone who has respiratory problems or is prone o getting colds then you will see a great improvement. These carpets are not usually advertised because they are sustainable and less expensive. So you really have to do your research and find a carpet company that sells these.

When you do find the carpet that you like, here are some things that you need to have. The first is padding, you want to choose a padding that is lightweight and made from recyclable materials. When you are at the installation point, make sure that the company is using environmentally friendly adhesives to lock down your carpet. Normally, companies use toxic glues so make sure that this is something that you insist on. Otherwise it really defeats the purpose of the eco friendly carpet.

We all understand that nothing lasts forever not even carpets. But when you get to the point that your carpet is ready for the dump, you can rest assured knowing that these carpets can be used as recyclable materials and they will not last long in the landfills. These green carpets in every way are 100% environmentally friendly. We want to point out that buying a green carpet is no different from buying a regular carpet. The only difference is the materials that are being used are not toxic and that the padding that is used is recyclable.

You will find this style of carpet to more affordable and you will be doing your part to contribute to the environmental cause. Your family will breathe better and enjoy the carpet just as you would any other carpet. Shop around and find the best quality for your money, just remember to keep it green!