Whether you operate a hotel, a banquet hall, a doctor’s office, or any other space, hospitality carpet is your best option when it’s time to replace the flooring. Hospitality carpet is just that: welcoming carpet that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye for your employees and visitors alike. 

Look no further than the experienced team at Competitive Commercial Carpet when the time comes to have new flooring installed at your business. We will provide you with at least 12 samples from which to choose and answer all of your questions. We are just a phone call away at 706-760-9123 in Dalton, GA. 

What is Hospitality Carpet?

So, what exactly is a hospitality carpet? The only way you can offer the best service to your customers in the hospitality industry is by creating the best experience possible for those same people. It doesn’t matter if you need to find a carpet for a restaurant, bar, hotel, club, or another highly trafficked area; you need to offer a unique environment that is flawless in its design. The best way to secure repeat business is by impressing your customers beginning with the minute they walk through your door.

Why Choose Hospitality Carpet Over Hard Floors?

Since hospitality businesses are heavily trafficked areas, you will want to go with the hospitality carpet from Competitive Commercial Carpet. Why? The answer is simple: you want to reduce as much noise from the foot traffic as possible. Imagine staying in a hotel at a resort known for families and the hallways have hard flooring instead of carpeting. The amount of noise that would radiate throughout the building would turn you off from ever staying there again.

The Benefits of Hospitality Carpets

Hospitality carpets provide your business with a slew of benefits that make the choice easy when comparing them with hard flooring options. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Reduce the level of noise in your building
  • Excellent durability
  • Able to hide stains and other marks
  • Much more diverse style options
  • Elimination of static electricity
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Help control the temperature of the room
  • More sustainable
  • Improve safety (less risk of slip and fall accidents)

What About Indoor Outdoor Carpet Options?

If your hotel has an outdoor bar, you might want to consider installing an outdoor hospitality carpet for your guests, especially if the bar is protected from the elements. Indoor-outdoor carpet is available from Competitive Commercial Carpet. The benefits of adding such a carpet option to your business include making the area more relaxing, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing for not just your guests but also your employees.

Carpet Tiles or Wall-to-Wall Carpeting?

Now that you’ve settled on the hospitality carpet for your renovation project it’s time to consider the options for each room. You can install carpet tiles or go with wall-to-wall carpeting for your project. It all depends on the room where the carpet is being installed and how you’d like the design to look for guests. It’s important to note that the room doesn’t actually need to have wall-to-wall carpeting to make guests feel comfortable. You can install carpet in a portion of the room and blend it with another type of flooring, such as luxury vinyl tile

Begin Your Hospitality Carpeting Project Today

Do you have questions about completing a hospitality renovation project in Georgia? If so, it’s time that you called Competitive Commercial Carpet to discuss your hospitality carpet options. Call our office at 706-760-9123 today to speak with an experienced member of our team. We will provide you with at least 12 samples from which to choose so you can get a feel for how each room will look once the carpet has been installed.

Hospitality Carpet for Hotels