It all comes down to the look of the carpet for many. Often how it feels beneath your feet makes
a difference as well. However, different types of carpet can fit the needs of your environment.
Depending on the type of carpet, heavy foot traffic or just plain moisture can be its downfall, so it’s
important to know what carpet will fit your needs.
Wool is the most loved carpet around. Not only is wool a natural product and fiber, but it’s also
environmentally friendly. Wool is exceptionally soft and durable and is the best feeling carpet out there.
However, its luxury comes with a price. Wool tends to fade in the sunlight and has low resistance to
stains. Stain removers can do more harm than good, and wool can also suffer damage from insects like
moths. Wool is very durable but not available in large quantities. It is still used in high end applications
like casinos, hotels and banquet halls.
Acrylic carpet is often loved for having the look and feel of wool, while also being cheaper.
Acrylic also has its perks for its resistance to electricity, moisture, mildew, fading, crushing, staining, and
sun damage. However, high traffic areas can wreck this type of fiber, making it not as suitable for
commercial carpet unless there isn’t as much foot traffic.
Nylon is the most durable carpet fiber. Nylon is resistant to abrasion, insects, molding, mildew,
rot, and chemicals. Nylon fibers are also resistant to stain, soiling, and static electricity.
This fiber is perfect for areas with high foot traffic due to how it can maintain its fiber height and overall
durability and is ideal for office carpeting.
Finally, many love Olefin fibers for also having the look of wool and being cheaper than nylon.
Olefin is stain, mildew, abrasion, and moisture resistant as well as easy to clean. However, olefin fibers
are not as durable as the fibers mentioned prior, and therefore should not be in high traffic areas due to
being prone to crushing and matting. However, thanks to its moisture and mildew resistance, olefin is
perfect for outdoor carpeting.
With the variety of carpet fibers available, it’s essential to get the right carpet that fits your
needs. At Competitive Commercial Carpet, we have a large selection of carpet fibers that suits every
environment. Look through our online catalog or reach out to us, and we’ll work with you to find the
perfect carpet for your space and budget.