If you’ve been shopping for new carpet for your office, motel or other commercial building, you’ve probably heard or seen the term “continuous filament”. However, if you’re not in the floor covering industry, you probably only have, at best, a vague idea of what this means and why this is (or isn’t) important to your buying decision.

What is continuous filament carpet?

In the carpet world, continuous filament carpet is carpet that is made from single strands of yarn that are heated and twisted together to form the carpet fiber. This differs from spun (or staple) fiber carpet, which is constructed of many, extruded fibers that are cut to the desired pile height of the carpet. The major disadvantage with spun fiber carpets is that they tend to “shed” fibers with heavy traffic and when they are vacuumed. If you have a busy office or hotel lobby, this can result in a lot of carpet fiber being lost and being circulated around in the air.

The other advantage to continuous fiber carpet is that it is generally less expensive than spun fiber carpet, since the manufacturing process for continuous fiber carpet involves fewer steps.

Buying affordable carpet with Competitive Commercial Carpet

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