Carpet tile is an easy way to put down attractive flooring without a lot of expense, labor, and mess. However, this type of carpeting can quickly begin to come up without proper backing. Like most DIY projects, taking the time to put down the right backing will help your project be successful and stand the test of time.

What are carpet tiles?

If you’re not familiar with carpet tiles, these are square of carpet cut from rolls of wall-to-wall carpeting. These typically come in 48×48, 50×50, 60×60, and 96×96 cm sizes. They are made to fit together so that the seam doesn’t show or so that the squares become part of the carpet pattern. Unlike traditional carpeting, they don’t have to be customized and don’t require hours and hours of installation. Carpet tiles are particularly well-suited for bars, restaurants, and similar commercial buildings.

What backing should I use for carpet tile?

Just what is the proper backing for carpet tiles? The backing not only helps the adhesion, but good backing also helps absorb the impact of foot traffic and helps to extend the carpet’s lifespan. Most carpet tiles come with the backing attached. We like tiles with open cell cushion backing that re-inflates after someone steps on it. We find that this type of carpet backing lasts longer than closed cell cushion backing.

Working with Competitive Commercial Carpet

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