Why Us

Why is Competitive Commercial Carpet so much less than other avenues of purchasing carpet?

Why us? Competitive Commercial Carpet offers first run quality carpet at 50-70% off of regular prices for a variety of reasons. Firstly, we don’t have the overhead that most stores do. Since we do not have a store on Main Street; we instead have a warehouse off the beaten path in Upstate New York. Our rent is therefore much, much cheaper.

Secondly, we buy truck loads of overruns, excess inventories and discontinued styles. Therefore, all of these carpets are first run quality and are being sold at 50-70% off by the mills because they either have too much inventory or want to sell carpet styles quickly.

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To request samples of any of our carpets simply click on the “Send samples/quote” icon below any of the small pictures of the carpet you are interested in. Finally when you have made all your selections click on the “See my requested samples list “ icon at the top or bottom of any page.

What is? “The new way to carpet”

The “New Way To carpet” is about expanding the consumer’s choice of product. (We have over 10,000 items to choose from.) It is about free samples delivered directly to your door (also avoiding time consuming trips to a local retailer, and avoid high pressure sales techniques.) With “The New way to carpet” you will experience expert technical advice to help you make the best buying decision and to pick the carpet that best fits your needs. The carpet buying decision includes the consideration of style, color, yarn type, backing quality, durability considerations and dye options. The objective being to arrive at a carpet selection that is the best fit for your needs at a price that fits your budget. The “New way to carpet” is about meeting that objective.

We are committed to providing the best selection, only the highest quality carpeting (we never sell seconds) at the lowest possible price. In a nutshell “The new way to carpet” is about quality, expertise, selection and price. All delivered to your door with the ease of a phone call. Call us today.